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Wouldn't it be wonderful to have your message sent out constantly for over a FULL YEAR at one low price!?
Check it out! Our publications can't be beat for value and cost! We'll Make Sure You're There!!!

Print Advertisements

As of January, 2006, all Handbooks and Pet-Friendly Maps & Resource Almanacs are printed in full color! Also, please note that the CA/AZ/NV RV Campground Maps have been resized to better fit display cases and glove compartments.

Ad Size Dimensions (w x h) Regular Rate
1/8 Page (Economy) 1.5" x 1.8" $350
1/6 Page 1.5" x 2.5" $420
Single 3.1" x 1.8" $590
Double 3.1" x 3.8" $795
Triple 3.1" x 5.8" $960
Full Panel 3.1" x 7.5" $1,195
Full, Inside Cover 3.1" x 8.0" $1,420
Outside Back Cover 3.1" x 8.0" $1,850

• Business Listings are $52.00 for the first line (55 characters per line)

• Additional Lines are $48.00 each.
FREE LISTING with all display ads!

*NOTE: Selct ads in the San Diego and Orange County Map Guides are currently sized slightly differently (see the table below)

Add 20% for positions in premium locations.
Additional listings with displays are half price per listing.


MAPS AD RATES (ANNUAL) *please note slight size differences*
Ad Size Dimensions (w x h) Regular Rate
1/8 Page (Economy) 1.50" x 1.8" $350
1/6 Page 1.50" x 2.5" $420
Single 3.25" x 1.8" $590
Double 3.25" x 3.8" $795
Triple 3.25" x 5.8" $960
Full Panel 3.25" x 7.5" $1,195
Full, Inside Cover 3.25" x 8.0" $1,420
Outside Back Cover 3.25" x 8.0" $1,850

Specifications for PRINT ads

All art must be high resolution - 300 dpi or greater. Acceptable file formats are: ai, jpg, psd, eps, pdf, and tif. Line art using Adobe Illustrator is also acceptable. PC fonts must be converted to outlines, and Mac fonts must be either converted to outlines, or included with the graphic files. When using PDF files, fonts must be converted to outlines as well (unless mac font files are transmitted to the PetLovers Graphics Department). Please note We can design your ad at no extra charge for first proof. If digital art is not available, we can scan from high-quality photos. Any changes requested after the initial proof has been corrected and not due to our error are subject to an additional charge of $25.00 per change request. All additonal changes are included in that change request. Warm Regards,

Color proofs will be provided for layout purposes & estimated color values only. Actual colors may vary due to differences in types and brands of printers used.
See Terms and Restrictions for other applicable requirements.
To download our Advertiser's Form (in Word format) to place an ad in any of our publications or on-line, click here
For the Business Listings worksheet form (in Word format), click here

Online / Web-based Advertisements

Package Description Normal Rate
Bronze Listing: • Company / Service Name, Address, Phone #, website OR email $15
Silver Listing: • Company / Service Name, Address, Phone #, website, email
• 100 character description of services
Gold Listing: • Company / Service Name, Address, Phone #, website, email
• 300 character description of services
• Featured listing - on blue background
Platinum Listing: • Company / Service Name, Address, Phone #, website, email
• 500 character description of services
• Featured listing - on blue background
• 250pixels x 125pixels image (company logo or promotional ad)

Example: Gold Listing
Plush Puppies Kennel & Day Care Center • 619.561.4299
The Ulitimate in Doggie Day Care!
Once Pre-Screened, arrive in the "Doggie Limo" and Romp all day Outdoors on 5500 sq. feet of artificial grass. Ultimately, a Tired Dog is a Happy Dog.


Example: Platinum Listing

online_ad_size Pet Sitters Association • 858.514.8832 ext. 2
3089 Clairmont Drive, Suite 254 • San Diego, CA 92117
Start your own successful and legal pet sitting business. New Online Courses in the comfort of your home or Two-day Seminar with instructions through lectures, videos and student participation. Seminar includes: Instruction, 100-page study guide, your OWN web site and 15 customizable business forms and two books on the pet sitting industry. Become a Professional Pet Sitting business owner.
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Specifications for ONLINE advertisements
*(PLEASE READ, as we have some NEW requirements)*

Art must be submitted in 72 dpi. Acceptable file formats are: ai, jpg, psd, eps, pdf, and tif. If digital art is not available, we can scan from high-quality photos. If needed, we can design your online ad at an additional fee. Any changes requested after the initial proof has been corrected and not due to our error are subject to an additional charge of $10.00 per change.

We take Visa and MasterCard!

Visa_logo mastercard-logo

What People Are Saying About Petlovers Handbooks and Maps...

"Your PetLovers Maps are one of the most popular information sources at our Chamber and Visitors Bureau. We can hardly keep them in stock."
Sheila McDonnell, President, Del Mar Chamber of Commerce.


"Out of my 8 hour work day, 6 of it is usually spent with PetLovers Handbooks and Maps in my hand giving referrals."
Susan Rosenberg, Store Mgr., Regional District Trainer, PETCO




"I've seen a lot of animal publications. These are the most comprehensive and useful to date. Please send me all the copies you can spare for distribution in our mobile units."
Shawn Jefferson, Mobile Administrator for L.A. County Animal Services.


"The PetLovers Handbooks and Maps are one of the hottest commodities we distribute at this center. We have a lot of newcomer and visiting petowners seeking this information. Keep them coming!"
Vonnie Havener, Sales Manager, San Diego Visitor's Center

"I think I just asked you for more handbooks recently, but it appears that your guides are so popular that we are always out. Do you have some more inventory that you would not mind sending my way?"
Kristina Sturman Culley Marketing Department ,The Irvine Company Apartment Communities of So CA

"Just wanted you to know that your Pet Lovers booklet is bringing in inquiries for Good Dog University. Great work!"
Angela Russell, co-owner of Good Dog University, Newport Beach


"I've already received 3 new cases that were referrals from your publication."
Michael Rotsten, Attorney at Law, Encino, Ca


"Last weekend was the Reliant Series of Dog Shows - the big four day dog show in Houston. We had your maps at our booth and asked for a dollar donation, and people LOVED them! We sold a few t-shirts and a few caps, but the bulk of the $550 we raised was from donations for your maps. Thank you so much for all the work you did putting these together for Houston dog lovers!"
Donna Barkow, Houston Dog Park Association


"I have a copy of your wonderful PetLovers Guide to Dog Walks and Dog Beaches. Can I order more copies? I can't wait to share them with my dog owners group!"
Irene Purvis of Park Row Dog Owners Group



"Please send us more maps and handbooks….all areas. I'm amazed at the response we're getting to these."
Mike Bartusick of Park Bench Café, Huntington Beach


"If you want to get your business noticed, Pet Lovers Handbooks and Maps are where you want to be!'
Pamela Begeal Executive Director of Petsitters Association of San Diego County


"Your PetLovers Maps and Handbooks just seem to walk out the door. Send us a lot more copies."
Jenny Perkins of Holiday Pet Hotel



"I would be remiss if I didn't mention how valuable your brochure on Dog Walks & Beaches plus Pet-Friendly Hotels & Restaurants has been!! Businesses that cater to pet owners need to be in your publications. I've found that pet owners like to support pet-friendly companies whenever there is a choice."
John J Dommers, The Humane Society of the United States, West Coast Regional Office




"We check on where our regular and web referrals come from and are very pleased with the continuing response we get from advertising with these publications."
Roman Bulvarela, San Diego Pet Memorial Park


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    Here are a few questions you might ask yourself...

    01. Are you now advertising your message in all the adoption packages in all the Pet Shelters, Animal Adoption Organizations and Humane societies in your area?

    02. Is your ad getting handed out to pet owners in veterinary clinics and pet supply stores in [including many PetCo and PetSmarts and through the PetCo Foundation] in your area?

    03. Do you have an ad being distributed at Visitors Centers, Hotels, Cafes and Real Estate Offices in your area?

    04. Does your advertising message get distributed to every pet owning tenant pet owners at over 75 pet friendly apartment communities throughout Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and 25 more in the Southern Ca area?

    05. Are you getting referrals to your website and services to prospective newcomers indirectly through major publications in all communities in Apartments For Rent Magazine?

    06. Will you be advertising at all the upcoming homeowner and pet events in your area including every day at the Del Mar Fair and Family Pet Expo?

    07. Are you linked or showcased on a major website serving pet owners seeking valuable resource information for all of California, Arizona & Nevada ?

    08. Is your message distributed in resource guides at pet friendly parks, recreation areas and some casinos in the your area?

    09. Are you ever showcased on other "high hit" websites with your ad and an article about your services?

    10. Are your services reaching newcomers, traveling tourists and "snowbirds" throughout the Southwest?

    If you answered NO to any of these questions, please contact PetLovers™ Publications at: 760.631.7886
    Or send us an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    Advertising rates are subject to change without notice. To verify current pricing, call PetLovers Publications at 760.631.7886.

    A discount is allowed [see discounted rates] to the advertiser on Display Ads if full payment accompanies the contract. Otherwise, 40% of the purchase is payable with the order. The entire amount of the contract is due and payable upon receipt of proof by the advertiser.

    Payments extended beyond 60 days of publication are subject to a $10.00 per billing cycle Service Charge, unless otherwise contracted.

    Mechanical Specifications: This publication is printed using offset lithography process. The publisher cannot be responsible for pre-screened or submitted artwork that is inferior in quality. If needed, we will design your ad at no charge. Any changes requested after the initial proof that are not corrections due to our error will be subject to an additional charge of $10.00 per change. Ad proofs are for layout and accuracy only; colors vary due to different makes and types of printers used.